photo by Stephen Eastwood

Unleash Your Creativity

The Need Light? Speedlite! Tour shows you how to master the techniques and harness the possibilities of small strobes. No matter what brand of camera you use, this tour will teach you about light: where to place it, how much to use, and how to modify it for stunning professional results.

Every attendee gets to shoot with their own camera during a 2-hour “free shoot” photo session with live models, and hands-on guided instructions is available during an evening masterclass.

Bonus free to all attendees
$60 SOCIAL Propic Account,
which allows 10,000 photo uploads.
Bonus free to all attendees
$99.95 Perfect Effects 8
Premium Edition
photo by bob davis

Explain It 9am-12:15pm

Bob and Stephen begin by explaining how to
create stunning professional results with just
Speedlites.  Explore what’s possible by
understanding gear options, ITTL/ETTL
settings, small strobe advantages, client
photo opportunities, and more.
“The workshop ignited my passion and vision for my
photography in a way that I had never quite tapped into before.”

Todd Pinckney
“We learned a wealth of information from Bob's famed flash
techniques, and we used the information we learned to
completely revamp our business. Clients now hire us for the
quality of our photography rather than our price point.”

Gina & Mike Goldman
photo by Stephen Eastwood

Show it

Master the creative possibilities of
Speedlites as Bob and Stephen demonstrate
dozens of lighting setups using live models.
You’ll  learn powerful lighting tips and tools,
including how many lights to use, where to
place them, and how to use a broad range of
Speedlite-specific  modifiers.

I went the Milwaukee session today. I am soooo excited about what I have learned. I'm ready to take my skills to another level. Bob, OUTSTANDING information! I had several aha moments. I promise I will practice and use what I have learned! Thank you for sharing!!

Sherlyn Brown
These workshops are incredible! I can say with
full confidence that I walked away from that day
as a substantially better photographer than when
I first walked in.”

Scott Evans
photo by Stephen Eastwood

Shoot it

Bring your own camera and lenses, and put
what you’ve learned to immediate use!  Take
your own photos during the 2-hour free shoot,
with 4 models in 4 continuous-light shooting
bays. Bob and Stephen will answer questions
and give guidance during the free shoot.
photo by bob davis

Hands-on Masterclass


The Evening Masterclass is an intimate, hands-on
learning experience with the same 4 models from
the free shoot.  Bob and Stephen give personalized,
individual instruction to each student as they shoot
live with Speedlite setups shown during the day.
Class size is limited to 15 students per instructor.
(A detailed agenda of the masterclass is below)

The fact that your workshops are hands-on with
live models really makes all the difference for me.
Being able to implement exactly what was just
covered really sets your workshops apart.

Ed Weiland
photo by bob davis

To view a detailed agenda

Click Here

Full Agenda
Instructor Introductions
Bob Davis-Wedding & Portrait Photographer
Stephen Eastwood- Fashion and Glamour
  • Gear Overview-Speedlites for Everything
  • No Assistants, All Speedlites
  • How I run a high-end photo business
    with just Speedlites
  • Show Power & Possibilities: What’s Possible
    with the gear, show actual client photos & setups
  • Benefits of using Speedlites: How a user of
    heavy, large, expensive traditional studio strobes
    has come to embrace speedlites
  • Demystifying ETTL/ITTL- Afraid of it? It’s not a
    professional tool? ; Explain it!
  • Debunking the Disadvantages: There are lots of
    benefits & actual disadvantages are rarely
  • Assessing the Advantages- Comparison shots,
    portfolio shots
  • Evolution of Light: Evolving the light from the
    camera to an off-camera position
  • Determining the best possible light for the
  • Positioning the light- One light
  • Shaping- what modifiers to use:
    • Flashbender
    • Westcott Shoot Thru Halo Umbrella
    • Westcott Softbox
  • Layering Light: How to add more dimensionality
    to your photos
  • Beginning with 1 light, adding to use 2, 3,
    and 4 lights
  • Using Modifiers: Their proper usage and the
    effect of each one
    • Grids
    • Gels
    • Extra-Large Flashbenders
  • The Traingle of Light
  • Making Event photography shine both Indoors
    & Outdoors
  • 2 Triangle Light Option: Using it with and
    without On Camera Flash
  • Adjusting flash to be main vs. fill; using the GF
  • Modifying the Modifiers
  • Each modifier has 3 locations, and some
    modifiers can be used in different ways
  • The Full Possibilities of utilizing Grids & Snoots
  • Locations of different modifiers
    • Rapid Box
    • Strip
    • Octobox-what effect a modifier has depending on
  • Lighting Throw-down
  • Audience issues live lighting challenges; Bob
    explains or demonstrates the answer
  • Bob issues challenges to himself
  • Audience Questions
  • Small Lights, Big Results
  • Showing how to create identical “studio results”
    with Speedlites in place of traditional studio
  • Using the same lighting setup for studio
    strobes as with Speedlites
  • Demonstrating “replacement” modifiers
    designed specifically for Speedlites
Free Shoot

Vendor Demos
Masterclass Lessons
The Triangle of Light with Bob Davis
This has changed the quality of my
wedding reception images from
dull bounce flash while dragging
the shutter to images that capture
the viewers eye with quality of light
without overpowering the
atmosphere. The Triangle of Light
is not just for indoor wedding
receptions. I’ve used this
technique for outdoor events, press
conferences, engagement shoots.
Anytime you want to create depth
and dimension is a good time to
use the triangle of light.
Shadow and Contour with Stephen Eastwood
Strips for clean beauty, and
ultimate control over shadow and
contour. We will explain the basic
set up and variations on the main,
back and rims.
Lighting for the Practical with Bob Davis
For me I don’t always want my
lighting to be obvious, I want the
light to look as if it’s coming from
the window or lamp in the room,
I’m just adding the sparkle of
light to bring the image to life. If
there’s a window in the I will light
from that direction as if the light
was naturally there, often times
the light is not there, but you
gotta make the image.
Lighting for any given face with Stephen Eastwood
Paramount, butterfly lighting, the
most beautiful glamour light.
Basics and multiple variations on
manipulating the ratios, position
and modifiers to create the most
perfect effect for the given face, and
look and feel of the shot.
Back Lighting with Bob Davis
I admit it I’m a back light
a-holic! I draw my inspiration
from movies and there’s
always a separation light to
help the subject standout from
the background adding depth.
I will show you how easy it is
to add depth to your images
using a backlight, sometimes
it’s just a kiss of light, other
times I blast the background.
Rembrandt lighting with Stephen Eastwood
Rembrandt Lighting, or my variations
on the theme, one light, two light
main for fashion or beauty, plus
accent/back lights, and learn how
a simple twist can create a perfect
beauty light, on its own or in the
middle of a fashion shoot.
creating the golden hour of light with Bob Davis
This is one of my favs. Living in
the Midwest where we don’t have
many days of great golden light
when I need it. Long gray winters,
short days, cloudy overcast skies.
No problem, I will share how to
place your lights outside and
warm them up and add that
golden hour of light any time of
the day or night.
Light wonders with Stephen Eastwood
Light off camera for drama, beauty,
fashion or glamour. Start here and
learn to move the light, change its
character and alter an image to
create something unique, something
eye-catching and understand what it
takes to make WOW images with the
simpliest of gear!